Director’s words

LAGEP strategy is structured around three major areas: a center for Physical Chemists, an automatic pole and a pole of Engineering Process.

The teams are of these poles are supported by four common services: Administrative and Financial Services, the Project Engineering, the Analysis and Instrumentation service and the IT department.

Important numbers

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Projects forward

ANR “Polydopamine-coated open cell polyurethane foams: polyvalent supports for single and multi-site heterogeneous catalyst”


Organization (Partner)
ICS UPR 22 (Partner 1) JIERRY Loïc Assistant-Professor Coordination surface treatment of the OCPUF
LCM UMR 7509 (Partner 2) RITLENG Vincent Assistant-Professor Catalysis
LAGEP UMR 5007 (Partner . . .

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ANR “Innovative membrane Crystallization contactor: Applications to diffusion/Reaction processes”



Crystallization/Precipitation is one of the major unit operations of chemicals process industries to produce, purify or separate solid compounds or products. Until now, the . . .

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