Director’s words

LAGEP strategy is structured around three major areas: a center for Physical Chemists, an automatic pole and a pole of Engineering Process.

The teams are of these poles are supported by four common services: Administrative and Financial Services, the Project Engineering, the Analysis and Instrumentation service and the IT department.

Important numbers

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Projects forward

ANR – DFG INFIDHEM (Feb. 2017 – Jan. 2020)

Title: Interconnected infinite-dimensional systems for heterogeneous media,
Coordinators : Birgit JACOB and Bernhard MASCHKE
French-german collaborative project

Partners :

  • FEMTO-ST/AS2M, UMR CNRS, . . .

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  • ANR “Polydopamine-coated open cell polyurethane foams: polyvalent supports for single and multi-site heterogeneous catalyst”


    Organization (Partner)
    ICS UPR 22 (Partner 1) JIERRY Loïc Assistant-Professor Coordination surface treatment of the OCPUF
    LCM UMR 7509 (Partner 2) RITLENG Vincent Assistant-Professor Catalysis
    LAGEP UMR 5007 (Partner . . .

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    Two professors, Prof. Yao Pengfei and Prof. Guo Baozhu, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visits LAGEP

    Nous accueillons deux professeurs, Prof. Yao Pengfei et Prof. Guo

    Control@Lyon Day

    At the Lyonnaise automatic community and others!! On 6 and

    Journées du LAGEP : June 22nd and 23rd, 2017

    These scientific days are an unmissible annual meeting for the

    (Français) Concours Logo LAGEP

    Hello everyone, Last month we proposed to our PhD students

    21st of June: Conference of Prof Ana Grenha from the University of Algarve (Portugal).

    Prof Ana Grenha from the University of Algarve (Portugal) will