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Modélisation et commande de systèmes Hamiltoniens à ports

Bureau 1 LAGEP G304 Villeurbanne 69611 France

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2000-2005: Studies of Eletrical Engineering and Information Technology (Dipl.-Ing.) at Technische Universität München (TUM). 2006-2010: PhD (Dr.-Ing.) in Automatic Control, TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Automatic Control (Prof. Boris Lohmann). Since 2011: Assistant professor at the Chair of Automatic Control. 2015-2016: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, LAGEP.

A geometric approach to modeling, discretization and control of mechanical systems (DAAD, with R. Banavar, IIT Mumbai)
Feedforward and feedback control of distributed-parameter systems based on discretized port-Hamiltonian models (DFG)
EasyEBC – Easy-to-Implement Energy-Based Control Design for Systems of Conservation Laws (H2020-MSCA-IF)

Research Interests:
Physical modelling and energy-based nonlinear control with applications to mechatronic, mechanical and infinite-dimensional systems.

Energy shaping for position and speed control of a wheeled inverted pendulum in reduced space

références bibliographiques:

Delgado, Sergio, and Paul Kotyczka. “Energy Shaping for Position and Speed Control of a Wheeled Inverted Pendulum in Reduced Space.” 74 (2016): 222–29.