• Génie Pharmacotechnique

Colloïdes; Emulsions; Polymères

Bureau 1 LAGEP Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, bât 308G ESCPE-Lyon, 43 bd du 11 Novembre 1918 G315 Villeurbanne Cedex 69622 France

Téléphone bureau 1: 04 72 43 18 72


Lea obtained her PhD in 2012 at University of Bordeaux working with Valérie Ravaine on the design of polysaccharide microgels for insulin delivery​, using emulsions as templating technique. In 2013 she moved to University College London in the group of Giuseppe Battaglia working on patchy systems made of block copolymers. She is currently designing emulsions for skin care applications using a membrane contactor.