Thesis: Towards a better understanding of crystallisation polymorphic solution: Experimental study and modeling population balance and kinetic equations

Yousra Tahri support her thesis in Morocco in September, the 15th in Rabat Maroc. Title: Towards a better understanding of crystallisation polymorphic solution: Experimental study and modeling population balance and kinetic equations Framed by Denis Mangin, Emilie Gagniere Elodie Chabanon

Jerome Bastien Seminar

Jérome Bastien, MCU of the Interuniversity Laboratory of Motor Biology (LIBM), Lyon I University, will give a seminar in Bordet Room, Thursday 26/04/2018, 14:00 Title : Friction, Identification in Biomechanics and train circuits. Summary : I worked on the modeling of friction laws on dynamic systems with finite number of degrees (theoretical results of existences

Thesis: Protective nanoparticles and encapsulation

TARHINI Mohamad Responsible : A. ELaissari TitreThese : Protective nanoparticles and encapsulation FundingThese : Lebanon DiplomeType : ScholarshipEtrg DurationFrame : 36

Thesis: Optimizing Supervision and Control of a Rotating Industrial Process

IDELHOUCINE Marouane Title : Optimizing Supervision and Control of a Rotating Industrial Process Responsible : Hassan Hammouri FinancingThese: THIMONNIER DiplomeType: CIFRE DurationDistrict: March 2016 – March 2019

Seminar of Romain Postoyan, CR-CNRS of Cran (Nancy)

On Thursday 05/04/2018, 14:00 LAGEP, Bordet Room, Romain Postoyan, CR-CNRS from Cran de Nancy will present his work. Title: Hybrid Control.

Seminar of Sylvain Bertrand, ONERA

On Thursday 29/03/2018 at 14:00, LAGEP, Salle Bordet, Sylvain Bertrand from ONERA will present his works. Title: Optimization-Based Command and Estimation: Predictive Command and Sliding Horizon Observers and Aeronautical Applications (UAV control for MPC – with some experiments – and space debris trajectory estimation for the MHE ).

BARCamp at the Health BU

Come on Thursday, January 25 at 12:30 pm in the lobby of the Rockefeller Health BU at the first BARCamp of the year! Two PhD students will share their passion for research, Annick Roul presenting the results of his experiments on cutaneous chemical exposure and Behnam Khadem (LAGEP) by explaining to you in English, his

Influence of micromixing time and shear rate in fast contacting mixers on the precipitation of boehmite and NH 4 -dawsonite

Lafficher, Robin, Mathieu Digne, Fabien Salvatori, Malika Boualleg, Didier COLSON, and François Puel. “Influence of Micromixing Time and Shear Rate in Fast Contacting Mixers on the Precipitation of Boehmite and NH 4 -Dawsonite.” 175 (2018): 343–53. Pages:343-353 Publication: Chemical Engineering Science


MY PARTNERSHIP RESEARCH in 180s enables researchers from the Carnot Engineering@Lyon Institute to present their partnership research experience with an SME that has led to an innovative object. Complete info INVITATION 1st prize : a value of 50 000 € is the financing of a postdoc for one year Closing : January 16, 2018 INFORMATION

Internship Master: Study of mechanisms and conditions of nucleation of ice

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HDR of Vincent ANDRIEU: Some observer and feedback designs for finite dimensional nonlinear systems

On January 16th at 1:30 pm, Vincent ANDRIEU will support his habilitation to direct the research. If you wish to attend, the defense will take place at 13:30 in the conference room of the Doua Library. Title : Some observer and feedback designs for finite dimensional nonlinear systems Jury : Alessandro Astolfi (Rapporteur) Gildas Besançon

Thesis: Research hydroconversion process of oil residue slurry stage

Pedro soutiendra sa thèse le vendredi 15 décembre 2017 à 14h00 Salle et lieu : Amphi C223, CPE Le titre en français et en anglais : – Etude du procédé d’hydroconversion des résidus pétroliers en phase slurry en mode recyclage – Study of the slurry-phase hydroconversion of petroleum residues in recycling mode Le résumé de


Date 2018-2021 EURONANOMED III : RESOLVE : SuppRESsion of immunopathology by nanOparticle deLiVEry of mRNA to monocytes The aim of RESOLVE is to pursue the development of innovative nanosystems as novel therapeutic approaches based on the engineering of nanomedicine to limit the immune reactivity against host self-antigens in the course of bone marrow transplantation (graft

Thesis offert: Nanoscience in translation

Graduate School: Natural and Engineering Sciences PhD programme: Nanoscience and Advanced Technologies Application Deadline: 16 April 2018 Start Date: 1st October 2018 Duration: 36 months The PhD programme in Nanosciences and Advanced Technologies aims at coordinating a wide research area focussed on nanoscience where the most recent and innovative technologies in physical chemistry are exploited

Seminar by Arbi Moses-Badlyan on “Open State Space Formulation of Reactive Mixtures”

ANNULE The seminar presented by Arbi Moses-Badlyan (Technical University of Berlin) will take place on Thursday 7 December at 14:00 in room J. Bordet on the following subject: Title: Open State Space Formulation of Reactive Mixtures Complex physical systems have been successfully modelled as metriplectic systems, which are state space formulations that have become famous

PhD “Design and development of new gene delivery systems for the treatment of autoimmune diseases”

PhD thesis offer Université Lyon 1, LAGEP, 43 Boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918, Bâtiment CPE 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, FRANCE Title: “Design and development of new gene delivery systems for the treatment of autoimmune diseases” – 3 years under the supervision of Prof. Stephanie Briancon and Dr. Giovanna Lollo Contact : Dr Giovanna Lollo, Prof.

Internship: decoupled EDP applied to wastewater treatment

Scientific Officer: DOS SANTOS MARTINS Valérie Co-Manager in Grenoble : CADET Catherine, GIPSA-Lab Laboratory of Scientific Bearer: LAGEP Laboratory (s) or partner team (s) LJK (G.-H. Cottet (E. Maitre), LEGI (P. Séchet), Catholic University of Louvain (Denis, DOCHAIN, Belgium), GIPSA-Lab (CADET Catherine) Project title Modeling and Simulation of Settling in Dense Media: Application

LPSE project “Lyon Polymer Science and Engineering”

“Couplage de techniques /capteurs et modélisation digitale – Maîtrise Statistique des procédés” Date: 2017-2020 Participants au projet pour le LAGEP : Nida Sheibat-Othman Partnaires: Axel’One, Arkema,Elkem Silicones, Nexans, Solvay, C2P2 Résumé: L’objectif de ce projet est d’évaluer le potentiel de la spectroscopie Spectroscopie Résolue Spatialement (SRS ) associée à d’autres données process et/ou spectroscopies type

ANR Franco-Suisse “Thermopoly”

“Experimental and modeling study of ethylene polymerization in gas phase reactors: impact of thermodynamics” Date: 2016-2020 Participants au projet pour le LAGEP: Nida Sheibat-Othman (Coordinatrice) Partners: LCPP/ Villeurbanne, ETH Zürich / Switzerland Résumé: The aim of this project is to develop a fundamental understanding of the different phenomena observed during condensed mode cooling in ethylene

“Multi-scale study and modeling of the properties of emulsions for liquid liquid extraction processes. Adaptation of rupture and coalescence nuclei to industrial cases. “

Collaboration CEA-LAGEP Participants au projet pour le LAGEP : Nida Sheibat-Othman Résumé : Confidentiel CEA site de Marcoule Equipe : PES Date : 2016-2019

Seminary of Pauline Bernard

Jeudi 9.11.2017 à 14h00 en salle Bordet au LAGEP, Pauline Bernard donne une présentation sur son travail de thèse qu’elle soutiendra a Paris le 20 Novembre (il s’agit en fait d’une répétition). Cette présentation concerne la synthèse d’observateurs non linéaires. Vous trouverez des informations sur Pauline ici: Résumé : Contrairement aux systèmes linéaires, il