MY PARTNERSHIP RESEARCH in 180s enables researchers from the Carnot Engineering@Lyon Institute to present
their partnership research experience with an SME that has led to an innovative object.
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1st prize : a value of 50 000 € is the financing of a postdoc for one year
Closing : January 16, 2018
INFORMATION AND CANDIDACY TO SEND TO: communication@engineering-at-lyon.org
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Seminar: Eduardo Schultz, doctorant à l’université RWTH/Aachen

Eduardo Schultz, a PhD student at RWTH/Aachen under the supervision of Pr Alexander Mitsos, is visiting the LAGEP this month, and will give a seminar on Friday 27 October 14h, room Jacques Bordet.

Title: Dynamic optimization with inequality path constraints

Dynamic optimization with inequality path constraints is present in several engineering problems, where the models are usually described by a system of ODEs, DAEs or PDEs. These problems are infinite problems with infinite degrees of freedom and infinite constraints, since the optimization is performed over the independent variables domain. Most of the methods available in the literature to solve dynamic optimization problems do not guarantee the satisfaction of constraints over the entire domain. Two algorithms are presented in order to solve dynamic optimization problems which guarantee satisfaction of path constraints. The first algorithm is applied to systems described by PDEs, based on an adaptavie restriction and relaxation of the path constraint, extending the algorithm developed by Fu et al., 20151. The second one is a new algorithm based on Taylor approximation of the path constraint, that can be applied to ODEs and DAEs. Both algorithms are ilustrated by a case study composed by a PFR reactor where the objective is to maximize the concentration of product leaving the reactor, controlling the temperature in the jacket and without violating the maximum temperature inside the reactor.
1Fu J et al., 2015, Local optimization of dynamic programs with guaranteed satisfaction of path constraints, AUTOMATICA, Vol: 62, Pages: 184-192.

” From Doctorate to Employment “

The Université de Lyon proposes in the section “Doctorat”, the setting up of a new system initiated by the Department of Doctoral Studies at the University of Lyon, with the expertise of OPE (Objective for Employment), ” From Doctorate to Employment “.

It is presented in the form of a six-month program led by experts, for the support of doctors tailored to the search for a permanent job outside the academic sector. This course is based on a collective dynamic led by professional trainers, and associated with a personalized accompaniment adapted to their profile.

The program of the device, with the contacts to be taken, is


and a Presentation Note ED-OPE 07-2017-1

Journées du LAGEP : June 22nd and 23rd, 2017

These scientific days are an unmissible annual meeting for the laboratory. They are an excellent opportunity for the PhD students to present their angoing research (oral presentations and poster sessions) to the laboratory staff and partners. They will take place on June 22nd and 23rd, 2017 at Petit-Amphi of CPE Lyon. Event not to be missed !

Scientific program HERE

Contacts :

    Isabelle Pitault (pitault@lagep.univ-lyon1.fr)
    Noureddine Lebaz (noureddine.lebaz@univ-lyon1.fr)

LAGEP is member of Carnot institut since 2011.

(Français) Concours Logo LAGEP

Hello everyone,

Last month we proposed to our PhD students and post-doctoral students to remaster the LAGEP logo.
Oceane makes the following proposition:

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Seminar: Questions around the control and optimization of the effects of the ultrasonic cavitation field

This Thursday, March 23 at 2:00 pm in Salle Bordet Stéphane Labouret kindly agreed to give a presentation whose title is:
“Questions around the control and optimization of the effects of the ultrasonic cavitation field”

Codegepra: Process engineering thesis award supported in 2015 in the field of process engineering

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Seminar: New Precipitation Process for Alumina Synthesis

Robin Lafficher defended his thesis on 01/12 at IFP Solaize. He will do a rehearsal at the LAGEP on Tuesday, November 22 at 4 pm, room Jacques Bordet, for those who can not go to IFP, or who wish to exchange on the subject.
Subjects : New precipitation process for alumina synthesis (key words: micromixing, precipitation, meteriau for catalysis)
Supervisors : Didier COLSON, François Puel

Seminar: Modeling enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass by population balance

Noureddine Lebaz will present his works on Tuesday, November 15 at 4 pm, Salle Jacques Bordet

Title : Modeling enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass by population balance
& Simulation and Analysis of Particle Trajectories in a Reactor: Applications to Water Treatment and Seaweed Culture

Summary :

I) The enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose is the reaction of decomposition of the biomass via a biocatalyst: the enzymes. In the case of cellulose, its destruction produces fermentable glucose monomers in bioethnol (called second generation). The stage of decomposition is limiting hence the interest of reliable modeling. In this work, population balance formalism is used to better manage heterogeneities of the substrate, in particular its distribution of sizes. Numerical and experimental aspects will be discussed.

II) The objective of the work is to simulate the hydrodynamics and the trajectories of particles in an agitated / non-agitated photocatalytic reactor using the tools of the numerical fluid mechanics (CFD). In this case, the distribution of light must be taken into account when the fluid (and the dispersed phase: micropollutants, microalgae …) does not see the same field of light according to its spatial position. Eulerian (continuous) and Lagrangian (discontinuous) approaches will be discussed in order to predict the effectiveness of this type of reactor.

Thesis: New precipitation process for the synthesis of alumina

Robin Lafficher supports his thesis on 01/12 at IFP Solaize.

It will have a rehearsal at LAGEP Tuesday, November 22 at 16 pm, Jacques Bordet room, for those who can not go to PFA, or who wish to discuss the subject.

Topics: : New precipitation method for the synthesis of alumina
Topics: micromixture, precipitation, meteriau for catalysis
Advisors : Didier COLSON, François Puel