The LAGEP has been created in October 1987 and Its director at that time was Prof. Jacques Bordet. In January 1988, it became an associated laboratory with the CNRS. In January 1990, Prof. Joseph Lieto was appointed as a director of the unit. In January 1996, LAGEP became proper research unit and teaching associated with the CNRS (UPRES A Q-5007). In 1999, it became joint research unit of CNRS (UMR 5007). In 2003, Prof.Hatem Fessi became head of the laboratory. Since the 1st January 2016, Prof. Stéphanie Briancon became the next successor to the leadership of LAGEP

LAGEP strategy is structured around three major poles: a pole of Physical Chemistry, an automatic science pole and pole of Process Engineering. The constituent teams of these poles are supported by four common services: the Administrative and Financial Service, the Engineering Project service, Analysis and Instrumentation Service and the informatics department.