Le séminaire de PEI Hai-Long, professeur à l’université South China University of Technology,

aura lieu le jeudi 12 avril à 14h00, LAGEP salle J. Bordet.

Titre : Research on Unmanned Aerial Systems at South China University of Technology
Hai-Long Pei
Abstract: In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems have stimulated tremendous interest in academia and industry in China besides the evidence of enormous UAV production in consuming market, because they can potentially greatly
benefit industry in many modern-day applications. However, numerous technical issues have to be addressed before these applications can be successfully and reliably deployed. At South China University of Technology, we have two major centers devoted to research and development in UAV, namely the Ministry of Education Key Lab of Autonomous Systems and Networked Control, and the Unmanned System Engineering Center of Guangdong Province. To strengthen the connections between academic research and system integration in companies, our laboratory has conducted a broad series of projects for development of theory and algorithms, and building of new hardware platforms for a wide range of uses. This talk will discuss the close connections between education, academic research, and system integration in several of our company projects. New techniques will be presented for multi-vehicle relative navigation, fast and precise sea coastal zone surveying, 3D geospatial mapping for laying oil pipelines, and disaster monitoring. The overall objective of our work is to develop innovative theory, efficient algorithms, and novel vehicle platforms to enable UAVs to possess powers well beyond their existing capabilities.