Fulvio Forni enseignant chercheur de l’université de Cambridge commence lundi prochain son « mois invité » au sein du LAGEP.

Vous pouvez trouver des informations sur sa thématique de recherche ici:


Il donnera un séminaire mardi 04/04/2017, 14h00 en salle Bordet.


Differential analysis of nonlinear systems: positivity, monotonicity and interconnections.

Differential analysis aims at inferring global properties of nonlinear behaviours from the local analysis of the linearised dynamics. The novel notion of differential positivity extends linear positivity to the nonlinear setting: a nonlinear system is differentially positive if its linearization along trajectories leaves a cone (field) invariant. Notably, monotone systems are differentially positive. Differential positivity extends monotonicity to manifolds, replacing order relations with local orders. The property strongly restricts the asymptotic nonlinear behavior, through suitable extensions of Perron-Frobenius theory and of results on contraction of the Hilbert metric. Motivated by the importance of positivity in linear systems theory, we discuss the relevance of the property for applications and how much the property restricts the behavior of open nonlinear systems.